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Rules for Banner Makers

Rules for Banner Makers:
1. The only posts you should make are for banners.
2. Banners should be behind an lj cut.
3. Please make them in a timely manner, if you can't make them the week you must inform me as soon as possible

4. Banners should be 300x100 pixels.
5. You should try to include the icon in your banner.
6. Put the title won, name of the community, name of the person, and name of the theme on the banner.
7. Any questions?

If you don't folow these rules, you will immediately be removed as Banner Maker. Banners are moderated which means I have to look them over before they are submitted to the journal. This may take a day because I want people to have time to catch up with the posts...

The rules page is a reproduction of the rules from tsubasa_awards

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