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Devil May Cry Awards

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Devil May Cry Icon Awards
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Welcome to the dmc_awards. This is an icon community award only specialized on the game Devil May Cry.

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Each member may submit only one icon per theme
All icons must be related to Devil May Cry
Submitted icons must be compatible with Livejournal (100x100 and 40kb)
Fan art allowed as long as you give the URL

Do not steal other icons and claim them as your own.
Submitted icons may not be posted in any other Livejournals until the vote is over.
Only members can submit icons.
You must be a member of this community to participate (contestant or voter)
Do not vote your own icon, nor advertise. Tell your friends to vote.
Do not criticize others' icons!
Submitted icons must be no more than 7 days old

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Every Sunday,aoi_senshi will give you a theme. Icons related to the theme will be submitted from Sunday to Friday. Comments to the submission post will be screened. The submission should contain the following information:

Icon submission
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URL of submission (and make sure the URLS work..)

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Voting will take place from Friday to Sunday. Members must vote on the voting post (comments will be screened) as you vote for the best icon. Icons are numbered, so you only need to post the number of the icon you like. You may only vote three times, so pick wisely. Results will be posted on Sunday, along with the new theme. Of course, each week there will be a Special Category:

Mod's Choice: this is for the moderator to choose which icon they like the most.
Best Color: The icon that stands out from the rest color-wise. It has the most effective use of color.
Most Creative: the icon that shows the most originality from the others. An icon that is one-of-a-kind, unique in almost every aspect.
Most Emotional: used for most of the contests that includes some kind of feeling. What we would like you to look for is the best show of the emotion.
Best Word Use: this goes to the icon that best uses text, in a contextual way, rather than design.
Best Adaption: The icon that represents the theme the best through both the chosen image and text.

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|Week 01 - Red| †aoi_senshi [Banners]
|Week 02 - Brothers| †reikofanel [Banners]
|Week 03 - Faceless| †ranearia and †guardianmars [Banners]
|Week 04 - Hate| † ranearia [Banners]
|Week 05 - Sexy| † inuvampy [Banners]
|Week 06 - Desire| † inuvampy [Banners]
|Week 07 - Female Ch.| † inuvampy [Banners]
|Week 08 - Black/White| † ranearia [Banners]
|Week 09 - Seclusion| † divine_midnight [Banners]
|Week 10 - Icon Pairs| † divine_midnight [Banners]
|Week 11 - Numb| † animepunkamika [Banners]
|Week 12 - Free4all| † animepunkamika [Banners]
|Week 13 - Betrayal| † animepunkamika [Banners]
*|Week 14 - Blue| † kiri_no_ookami
*|Week 15 - Hush| † divinecomedy
|Week 16 - Devils Never Cry - Lyrical 01| † chaoticchicken [Banners]
|Week 17 - Weapons| † ???

* Banners still need to be done

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1) inuvampy |Week 05, 06, 07|
2) ranearia |Week 03, 04, 08|
3) animepunkamika |Week 11, 12, 13|

Members who win first place three times will be put in the hall of fame.
To allow everyone an equal shot at first place, those put in the Hall of Fame are asked not to submit an icon to the community for 3 weeks, this is the three weeks after they have been named into the hall of fame.
After this period, the member is allowed to enter again.

Screenshot, where are you?!

Devil May Cry is owned by CAPCOM.
The rules page is a reproduction of the rules page from tsubasa_awards

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